We all know that cleaning your makeup brushes can be seen as a chore. But we all know that this chore is a needed step to maintain the quality of your brushes and the best application of your makeup.

This is why you definitely need to get your hands on the Technic Brush Cleaner! The simple 3 step process leaves your brushes feeling so fresh and super clean!

  • Firstly, dampen your brush with water.
  • Then swirl your makeup brush into the Brush Cleaner balm, picking up product onto the brush.
  • Finally, swirl the brush onto your hand, and watch all of the makeup from the brush disappear!

photos via: Little Budget Beauty & The Northernist

The Technic Brush Cleaner has a cool cucumber scent for fresh smelling brushes, the tub also has 120g of product included, so you know that it will last a long time!

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