Hello Spring! It might not feel like it with this weather but we’re celebrating the launch of our Spring Summer video… Click the link HERE to watch it. Over the next few month we’ll be giving you the low down on how to create all the looks from our shoot, but first here’s the perfect red lip!

What you’ll need;

Dark Red Lip Pencil

Sateen Sarah Matte Lip Cream 

Healer Concealer

How to;

  1. Going in with your Lip Pencil, start from the outer corners of the mouth and round up towards the cupids bow. This way you will create a more even curve to your lips
  2. Draw from the corners again, down into the center of the bottom lip
  3. Taking your Matte Lip Cream, apply the lip cream directly onto the lips, staying within the lines you have draw. The lip creams will give you the illusion of a matte lip without the dry feeling
  4. Now we know reds can be hard to make perfect, so taking your healer concealer, you can erase any mistakes and neaten around the edges…

And you are ready to go! Let us know what shade of red you love to wear…

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