Technic Cosmetics is an award winning, cruelty free makeup brand born in the UK! Our aim? To celebrate your individuality by designing and developing high-quality products at affordable prices.

From your everyday essentials, to on-trend and limited edition collections, you’ll find perfect products to suit any look and occasion.

Technic is inclusive to all, and we believe makeup should be a celebration of you! Connect with us on social media for tutorials and new releases - become a part of our Technic family…

Our Story

In the middle of '90s Britain, amidst the vibrant and ever-evolving world of beauty, a brand emerged aiming to make makeup accessible to all.

The brand we're talking about is Technic. We came into being with a clear mission: to make cosmetics accessible to everyone without compromising their budgets. Over the years, our products have developed, and our goal has expanded, aiming to empower individuals to express their unique beauty and style with quality, affordable products.

From our humble beginnings, Technic Cosmetics quickly captured the hearts of makeup lovers with our understanding that beauty knows no boundaries and trends are constantly evolving, meaning people desire affordable options to stay on top of the latest developments in the industry.

Our brand became synonymous with vibrancy and self-expression, with our wide range of cosmetics offering a kaleidoscope of colours, igniting creativity, and inviting individuals to explore and experiment with their unique styles. Whether it is a bold and edgy eyeshadow palette, a radiant highlighter, a captivating lipstick shade, or your favourite essentials for everyday wear, we aim to have something for every look.

We thrive on a commitment to affordability without compromising quality. Our brand firmly believes everyone deserves access to beauty products that don't break the bank. We became a trusted companion for beauty enthusiasts worldwide by offering affordable options without sacrificing performance.

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