Technic Black & Rose Gold Filled Case


The stunning Technic black and rose gold beauty case comes filled with a fabulous selection of Technic cosmetics. The case features multiple trays and a spacious base, perfect for professionals and makeup addicts alike! Contains: 3 eyeshadow compacts, 2 applicators, blusher brush, 3 blushers, mascara, 2 eye pencils, eyebrow palette, 5 lip glosses, nail file, orange stick, 6 nail varnishes, cuticle pushe & toe separator


1 x Beauty Case
3 x 6-colour Eyeshadow Palettes
2 x Double Ended Foam Applicators
1 x Blusher Brush
3 x Blushers
1 x Mascara
2 x Eye Pencils
1 x 3c Eyebrow Palette
5 x Lip Gloss Tubes
1 x Glitter Nail File
1 x Orange Stick
6 x Nail Varnishes
1 x Cuticle Pusher
1 x Toe Separator