Technic Brow Oil
Technic Brow Oil

Technic Brow Oil

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Give your brows the care they deserve with our nourishing Brow Oil, now in a convenient, mess-free rollerball applicator. This benefit-bursting blend harnesses the power of sunflower, sweet almond, and rosemary oils to nourish and fortify your brows, promoting healthy hair growth.

Perfect for an overnight treatment, we've infused this beauty secret with lavender oil, a natural ingredient known to create a relaxing, soothing experience - the perfect harmony of beauty and self-care!

💧 Sunflower oil - Contains oleic acid, which helps to prevent breakage
🌿 Rosemary oil - Hair strengthening.
💧 Sweet almond oil - Almond oil contains essential fatty acids which help to hydrate and soften brow hairs.
🥥 Coconut extract - Helps to condition and hydrate the skin around the brows
💧 Lavender oil - Helps to calm & relax senses
💧 Sandalwood seed oil - Fast absorbing and moisturising.
🐰 Vegan Friendly & Peta Approved